Posted by: philadelphiadieseldifference | February 11, 2009

Mayor Nutter Holds Community Meetings On Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

From the City of Philadelphia:

Mayor Nutter will be visiting communities across the city to talk with Philadelphians about the challenges that we face, the common priorities that we hold, and to gather input for the FY10 Budget. The Managing Director, Deputy Mayors and Administration Officials will also be convening briefing sessions for stakeholders and citizens to review and discuss budget challenges and options in detail.

Jump HERE to find a community forum near you.



  1. I was wondering with all the cuts you are making how you continue to let employees work overtime. Which alot of it is needless. I can see overtime for emergencies but to many it is just a given. Many employees double and triple their salary. In the Water Dept. especially in Water Distribution they work needless overtime where they sit and conversate all day. This overtime should be used when there is a water main break not for everyday pleasure. You have office staff there that work everyday and every weekend for no reason. You have other departments which get to take off sick, vacation and still make overtime that day. One of the main offenders of this DHS. When your cutting back if you cut out the overtime you would save plenty of money. So much of it is needless.

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