Vision Statement

The greater Philadelphia area has an air pollution problem as evidenced by the measured levels of ground level ozone, fine particulate and air toxics. Because there is much evidence indicating diesel emissions as a major contributing factor to this problem, the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Working Group has been formed to help build a coalition of diverse partners with a mutual interest in reducing air pollution from diesel engines in the greater Philadelphia area through voluntary programs and the use of innovative strategies including market-based approaches. It is anticipated that this partnership could deliver significant voluntary reductions in diesel emissions, which cause aggravation of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer in humans. Neighborhoods will be cleaner as public health, odors, and visibility improve, giving an improved image to the community.


  • To initiate the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Program as a way to support voluntary implementation of clean diesel technologies.
  • To provide a forum for diverse stakeholders to exchange ideas, discuss, promote, and disseminate detailed information on the use of clean diesel technologies in the public and private sectors.
  • To provide networking opportunities for organizations involved in education and outreach, and the manufacture, sales, or purchase of clean diesel technologies.
  • To promote the streamlining and standardizing of technology verification.


  1. Promote, review and publicly recognize voluntary projects and strategies in the Philadelphia area that increase the availability and use of verified technologies, idling reduction technologies, emission reducing fuel additives and alternative fuels, and employ practices and habits to reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Identify incentives for voluntary diesel emission reductions such as potential fuel savings, improvements in engine performance, public recognition, etc.
  3. Locate funding sources by investigating and assisting in or directly applying for federal, state and private opportunities, creating corporate sponsorship programs, etc., and connecting those funds to qualified projects and programs.
  4. Investigate the formation of an organization as a mechanism for acquiring funds for distribution to qualified applicants engaged in diesel emission reduction projects.
  5. Provide education, outreach, and guidance to fleet managers in regards to funding opportunities, available technologies, non-monetary incentives, and future federal regulations.


To become an official member of the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Working Group, simply endorse its Charter using THIS FORM (.doc, 26 KB). Fax the completed form back to 215-567-5791 or email Eric.


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